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Our aromaballs contain our own blend of essential oils in soothing organic jojoba oil in a rollerball container. Just roll on to your skin, especially pulse points, wherever and whenever you like. Try rolling it on your wrists so you can smell the lovely natural scent of the essential oils. 


We have five aromaballs to choose from:


SLEEP: A blend of seven grounding,calming and relaxing essential oils to help prepare your mind and body for a good night’s sleep.


CALM: This mix of seven calming oils is aimed at helping you de-stress. Roll on to your wrist pulse points and take a moment to breathe in the lovely natural fragrance.


CLEAR: This blend has a clean, clear minty/herby fragrance and is designed to help clear and ease your mind. It’s also a great blend to help you focus.


JOY: This is a blend of joyful, uplifting and very pretty citrus and floral essential oils.  


ZEST: Another blend of seven essential oils chosen for their energising properties. Particularly good to help get you through a tiring afternoon!

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Spa Bars
(€7.50)  Bar weights vary but are always at least 120g.

Our spa bars are exfoliating body scrub soaps made with organic coconut oil, a second feature oil and bracing Atlantic sea salt. They lather well and will help slough off dead surface cells leaving your skin beautifully smooth.  Please do not use this bar on your face or very sensitive skin.


Lemongrass and mango:   (SOLD OUT - more stock available in January)

This is our best-selling spa bar! The lemongrass and may chang essential oils give it a wonderfully refreshing fragrance.  Alongside the cleansing power of coconut oil, this bar contains moisturising mango butter. 


Bergamot and spearmint:  

Try this one for a beautifully fresh spa bar containing citrus and mint essential oils. It contains unctuous shea butter which is thought to help increase skin elasticity. The combination is a very uplifting blend – a great way to start the day!


Lavender and patchouli:   (SOLD OUT - more stock available in January)

This is a popular blend of essential oils. They smell lovely together and are known for their calming  properties. This bar contains mango butter, a moisturising oil that absorbs well leaving skin soft.


Orange and shea: 

As its name suggests, this spa bar combines nourishing shea butter with the organic coconut oil. In addition to the fresh citrus benefits of sweet orange essential oil, this spa bar incorporates ground orange peel to increase exfoliation power.


Caffè Latte: 

Rich avocado oil joins the coconut oil in this spa bar to help provide a protective barrier for the skin that keeps in moisture. The bar also contains ground coffee to produce a brilliant scrub soap. Use it in the shower for general exfoliation or use when your hands need extra cleaning, for example, after gardening or painting. This bar does not contain essential oil.

Aroma Candles
(€17.50)  Wax net weight 130g. 20cl glass.

Our candles are all made from soy wax, have cotton wicks and are all fragranced with natural essential oils. We have four to choose from.


Orange, cinnamon and clove   (SOLD OUT - more stock available in January)

A classic and evocative combination of citrus and warming spices.


Lavender and patchouli

Calming and uplifting at the same time. Perfect for a relaxing evening.


Spearmint and fennel

Herby freshness to help clear the mind.


Geranium and ylang ylang  

A lovely blend of flowery, earthy geranium and exotic rich ylang ylang.

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