Natural Facelift Massage

Rejuvenating natural facelift massage

Many people are looking for natural ways to look more youthful. This rejuvenating natural facelift massage is a holistic treatment based on Ayurvedic therapies.

There is no need to get undressed and your hair will not be left oily. The treatment begins with relaxation and energy balancing followed by activating specific facial acupressure points. Different pressures are applied to areas of the face in order to release tension and lift underlying facial muscles to provide improved tone.


We finish with a soothing scalp massage that leaves clients in a state of deep relaxation and with a healthy radiant complexion. If you wish, we can complete the treatment by applying our own elementals nourishing facial oil.

Clients usually see an improvement after just one treatment although best results can be seen with a course of 6 weekly treatments followed by a monthly maintenance session.

What happens in a session?


The first treatment will involve a short consultation. Then you just lie

back on the bench and relax while I carry out the treatment. There is no need to undress.

The massage takes about 60-65 minutes and then, if you would

like, I can massage your face with our own elementals facial oil to

moisturise your skin.

How does it work?

Restoring flexibility

Skin is mainly comprised of connective tissue formed of collagen and elastin fibres woven together. When we are young, these fibres slide freely over each other, giving the skin its suppleness and flexibility. Over time, however, the fibres lock together causing the skin to lose much of its flexibility.

The micro-twists in Natural Facelift Massage™ work on the collagen and elastin fibres and help the connective tissue to regain some of its movement and elasticity. In testing, all of my case study volunteers reported that their skin had better tone and suppleness.

Soothing facial tension

We all tend to hold stress in our face and this causes our muscles to

remain tense, often for a long time. This tension reduces the vital supply

of oxygen and nutrients to our skin and also inhibits the removal of

waste from our cells leading to puffy, dull and grey skin.

Natural Facelift Massage™ systematically tightens and relaxes the facial muscles to help reduce tension and improve the flow of blood and lymph to help our skin regain a healthier and more radiant appearance.

Time to relax

And last but not least, the magic of touch has a direct and immediate

influence on our state of mind and emotions. This treatment calms and soothes, induces rapid relaxation,and will hopefully leaving you more in balance and feeling nurtured.

Things to know

One treatment helps start the process while a course of 6 treatments is recommended (weekly or twice-weekly).

The Facelift Massage is not suitable for anyone who has had facial fillers or Botox.


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