A little holiday for your mind, body and spirit!

Signature de-stressing aromatherapy massage


90 minutes of complete relaxation! Lie back and allow the soothing touch and elemental power of your custom-made blend ease you into peaceful calm.


The first hour of this massage focuses on your back and shoulders, often an area of tension, before moving on to your legs and feet.


The de-stressing experience finishes with a 30-minute aromatic acupressure face, neck and scalp massage using our own elementals nourishing facial oil. You’ll be able to take a free sample of the facial oil so you can continue experiencing its benefits at home.


Note: Scalp massage will leave your hair oily but it is so worth it!

Aromatherapy body massage


Ideal if you have particular areas of your body where you would like to focus this relaxing massage. Depending on the time you have, we can massage your back, shoulders and neck, legs and feet, abdomen, arms and hands, all of those or only some of them. It’s your

choice. Enjoy treating yourself to a little holiday from daily stresses and strains. You deserve it!


Between 40 mins and 75 mins. 

Rejuvenating natural facelift massage

Many people are looking for natural ways to look more youthful. This rejuvenating natural facelift massage is a holistic treatment based on Ayurvedic therapies.

There is no need to get undressed and your hair will not be left oily. The treatment begins with relaxation and energy balancing followed by activating specific facial acupressure points. Different pressures are applied to areas of the face in order to release tension and lift underlying facial muscles to provide improved tone.


We finish with a soothing scalp massage that leaves clients in a state of deep relaxation and with a healthy radiant complexion. If you wish, we can complete the treatment by applying our own elementals nourishing facial oil.

Clients usually see an improvement after just one treatment although best results can be seen with a course of 6 weekly treatments followed by a monthly maintenance session.

Sessions usually last around 65 mins.

"An amazing experience"

"Hazel takes time to discuss and advise you  on which oils to choose, mixing a bespoke combination to suit your needs.

I always felt very involved in the process of choosing the oils, which I really enjoyed. The massage itself is deeply relaxing and I always left feeling rested.”

-  L -

Please remember that aromatherapy treatments can help enhance feelings of wellness and are not a replacement for conventional medicine. 


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